When Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL, many pro wrestling fans immediately groaned. Much of that reaction had to do with McMahon’s first run at the XFL in 1999. That project was considered by many to be an abject failure.

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Vince’s announcement came 17 years after the first XFL died, leaving fans wondering why the WWE owner would once again try his hand at professional football. Though there’s not been much news coming out of McMahon’s camp regarding the new league, many fans expect that will change as 2020 draw closer. That is the year when the XFL is expected to kick off. Or is it?

According to Comic Book, Adidas has contacted the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office due to Alpha Entertainment’s red and white logo. AE is a company owned by Vince that will serve as the parent company of the XFL.

Adidas believes that Alpha Entertainment’s logo is too similar to theirs. Now the shoe giant has until March of 2019 to oppose McMahon’s use of the AE logo. If Adidas doesn’t file opposition, the company still has the right to file an extension.

The creation of Alpha Entertainment is perhaps a step in the right direction for the revamped XFL. WWE was closely associated with the league the fist time around. This may have been part of the reason why the XFL could not survive as a long term alternative to the NFL.

But this time out, the XFL will supposedly rely less on pro wrestling and more on actual football. The league is expected to deliver 10 games in the regular season, with two weeks of postseason playoff football to follow.

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