British independent wrestler, Chief Deputy Dunne recently spoke with The Mirror about his career and decision to give up his full-time job, below are some highlights of the interview.

On giving up his day job to pursue being a full-time wrestler:

“In some ways it was very hard decision to make in the sense of security and finances. I have been working in offices for over 12 years and this particular job I had been in same company for over 10 years. I have been very comfortable in that environment and made lots of friends. Also the company had invested a lot of time and resources into furthering me as a professional. After all that time and effort, for me to leave it was a hard decision to make.

“But in another way I knew I wasn’t happy there, and that is nothing against the people or the company, but I just wasn’t enjoying office work and it wasn’t something I set out to do. Wrestling full time has always been my dream. Wrestling had been picking up for me and had gone from being a hobby to something I was going out every weekend and doing and I knew I couldn’t feasibly do both, I knew I had to pick one and that was an easy decision.”

If he had to pass on any opportunities due to work:

“There is nothing that springs to mind in terms of actually having to pass on opportunities, but there were times where I have had to use most of annual leave to do wrestling shows. I do remember when they had just announced the first WWE UK tournament and I was sat at work when it all kicked off.

“All my friends were in London at the O2, dressed in suits, hanging out with Triple H and being announced for tournaments, and I was sat at work. It was the same time that a whole bunch of other friends were working the camps and so I had half of them being announced for tournaments and then looking on social media at the others who were all at the beach having a great time. It certainly caused me to be distracted at work!”

Is there any negativity towards NXT UK?

“To be honest, it’s probably the first time I have been asked this. I’ve seen the talk of it, but my view point is I do not agree with that. I don’t think it’s killing the scene because there are always more wrestlers. The wrestlers that are being signed up by WWE have been busting their backs to do it as a full time career for a long time and they are now getting that opportunity. But when they move up, there are so many more wrestlers waiting in the wings.

“I guess it’s like a step ladder, once one person goes up one rung, another goes up. Once people go to WWE, others now have the opportunity to headline shows and I think it’s a positive thing for wrestling in general. With so many opportunities now with the likes of WWE, WOS Wrestling and other shows with TV tapings going on, it is a positive and exciting time for wrestling.”

Source :

The Mirror

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