WWE star Roman Reigns recently spoke with Newsweek and below are some interview highlights.

On working with Brock Lesnar:

He doesn’t get credit. He did years ago; but for his age, to be in the back of his athletic career it’s very impressive to see the shape he maintains, the explosive power that he holds. That takes a lot. You see guys like Cena posting workout videos all the time and that’s what you have to do to stay at that elite level. And Brock still has that. He’s a smart businessman in what he does and he’s turned “Brock Lesnar” into a complete character now in the past month or so. It’s pretty neat to see how he can pinball between UFC and WWE and still have that power. It’s insane.

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On if he would want Paul Heyman as a mouthpiece for him:

Nah I like talking for myself. That’s one thing I want too, just a little longer promos you know what I mean? Just me and the mic that would be nice. Do a lot of interactive promos in the ring and stuff like that. That’s how you grow and it’ll be cool to get those long, solo promos.

Working with Paul, there’s nothing wrong with just sitting there like a boss and let your attorney do the talking. Let him talk the logistics,and I’m sure Paul won’t have a problem reading off my resume, it’ll take awhile but he’s pretty good with stuff like that. But I would still want to talk for myself, 100 percent.

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