WWE has released the above Raw Fallout video, featuring Braun Strowman reacting to his big win on Raw this week:

After conquering three elite Superstars in a Fatal 4-Way Match on Raw, The Monster Among Men aims to dominate the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match and bring the fight to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Jim Cornette Weighs-In On Corey Graves’ CM Punk Tweets

Below is a clip from the latest edition of “The Jim Cornette Experience”, featuring host Jim Cornette offering his opinion on the comments made by Corey Graves on Twitter following CM Punk’s UFC 225 loss.

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During the clip, Cornette, along with his co-host, discuss WWE’s attempts to screw with Punk following his WWE departure, with examples being the company officially firing Punk on his wedding day, and Chris Amann delaying the trial to coincide with Punk’s UFC 225 fight.

The hosts also weigh-in on the idea of Punk possibly turning his back on his WWE friends after he left the company, and address whether or not they feel it’s fair of Punk to deny those people for continuing to work for WWE.

From Corny’s Drive-Thru #57 – Jimmy and Brian talk about Corey Graves’ slightly mysterious tweets about CM Punk that indicated that he had turned his back on his WWE/wrestling friends when he left WWE in 2014.

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