The Miz recently spoke with Gorilla Position during the European Tour and he went on a major rant about his arch-rival, Daniel Bryan.

The Miz didn’t hold back when he was asked his thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s returning, claiming he has done nothing special and is not the same talent he was prior to his retirement.

“I don’t think he is at the level he was four years ago, he’s not. People are all saying oh ‘Miz vs Daniel Bryan’ but he is not at the caliber I am at right now, has he showcased anything since he has been back that he is a main event level talent? Besides the audience doing the Yes, Yes, Yes, which was cool, four years ago, has he had a match that you go ‘wow he is back, he is showcasing all the stuff Daniel Byran knows how to do.’ Granted, he was very long in a Royal Rumble, but that’s the Greatest Royal Rumble match, you can sit there and take someone’s finisher and not get thrown over the top rope and just lay there for an hour. Granted, did he lay there for an hour? No, but that is not a singles match he is not at the talent he was four years ago and it takes a long time.”

Miz then went on to state that returning to the top level isn’t as easy as just coming back, claiming that Bryan is not at the level he is right now.

“This isn’t like riding a bike, being a WWE Superstar isn’t like riding a bike, you just all of a sudden hop back on and start running you have to train and basically get to a level, and he’s not at the level I am at right now.”

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