WWE NXT star Nick Miller of TM61 recently announced he is expecting his first child.

Matt Hardy Hypes New DVD

Matt Hardy has Tweeted the following, noting his new WWE DVD “Best of the Hardy Boyz” is now available at the “Best of Buy” and the “Wal of Mart”:

[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] The @WWE Best of #HouseHardy (Hardy Boyz) Digital Video Disc Series is AVAILABLE NOW!


β€˜Tis WONDERFUL! pic.twitter.com/14RSOtH7gV

β€” #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) May 2, 2018

Renee Young Loses a Bet to Dolph Ziggler

As seen below, WWE stars Renee Young and Dolph Ziggler placed a bet on Game one of the NBA Playoffs series featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers vs The Toronto Raptors. The bet will see the winner eat the other’s cuisine, and it looks like Young will be trying Pierogi, as the Cavs took game one on Tuesday night:

#PoutineVsPierogi bet with @ReneeYoungWWE loser eats the others delicacy (while draped in the opposing teams gear) @cavs @Raptors #Game1 TONITE! #WhateverItTakes pic.twitter.com/gLR2fSOivP

β€” Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) May 1, 2018

It looks like Renee Young is not the only Canadian battling against Dolph Ziggler, as The Showoff currently has a bet in place with Bobby Roode as well:

eye for an eye & a case for a case, @REALBobbyRoode @cavs vs @Raptors @GLBC_Cleveland vs @Molson_Canadian #BeerMoneyBet #CavsRaptors pic.twitter.com/bvUZ49Us0n

β€” Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) May 1, 2018

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