WWE.com has released a new video featuring WWE Smackdown Live stars Mike and Maria Kanellis revealing the gender of their baby.

As noted, Maria Kanellis is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child, and in the video the couple reveals during a gender reveal party that they will be having a girl. You can view the video at this link.

Maria Kanellis has also been posted the following on social media regarding her pregnancy:

Ladder Match anyone? Maybe in 6 months… #pregnantnotpowerless #dreamingofthefurture… https://t.co/5MR9JDcONU

— MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) January 12, 2018

What if I only listened to this tiny heart inside my belly… what would I be? Who could I… https://t.co/1RHXM82nxO

— MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) January 10, 2018

Yep. https://t.co/MzYXY5U0dS

— MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) January 10, 2018

It is incredibly difficult for me to sit on the sidelines while pregnant. I like to work. This baby was a surprise. I still had things I wanted to do BUT, because of baby the reason to accomplish more is even more important. #passionismymotivation

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— MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) January 10, 2018

I’m a bit pregnant right now. But I’ll be all about it after baby. Plus, Mike and I actually have history. 6 years of experience working together. I like our odds. https://t.co/WxJeH8s1Lu

— MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) January 10, 2018

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