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Jimmy Jacobs, who was recently fired from his position on the WWE creative team, made a surprise appearance at Saturday night’s WrestleCircus event in Austin, TX.

The five-time ROH Tag Team Champion crashed the show moments after Sami Callihan defeated Jordan Len-X in a wild brawl. Callihan, who left the WWE NXT brand in late 2015 and has since taken over as head booker for Combat Zone Wrestling, confidently referred to himself as the “king of the indies” in a post-match promo before the “Zombie Princess” hit the ring to cut him off.

While taking numerous shots at Callihan’s claim to the throne of independent wrestling, Jacobs also took a few shots at the company that recently fired him. 

“For the last two years I’ve been writing promos for guys who couldn’t hold my microphone.” 

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Jacobs also encouraged fans to take pictures with him during intermission, which he refereed to as the “you’re fired selfie”. This comes just a few weeks after he was let go in part for a photo he took with members of Bullet Club during a Raw “invasion” they were hosting outside a WWE arena. 

You can catch WrestleCircus streaming live on Twitch TV, and subscribe for just $4.99 per month to see all of their past and future events on-demand. 

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